Silly Google Algorithms, Gordon Ramsay Is Not Beethoven!

This one stumps me. Really. So here I was, surfing YouTube (as any true blooded modern-day geek does after a long day of work), and I came upon one of Beethoven’s symphonies. I listened for a few minutes, then looked upon the sidebar and saw this:


Now, I’m not really sure why that happened. Gordon Ramsay is about as far from Beethoven as you can get. I mean, they sort of *look* alike (crazy hair, mean face), so perhaps there is some facial recognition thing going on? Even weirder – there was a link for a sushi video right under it.

My algorithm-orientated mind is having a really hard time trying to figure out how the heck Google thinks those videos are “related” Even weirder – when I refresh it shows a different video of Gordon Ramsay each time, but all the other “related” videos remain exactly the same.

Sometimes you just gotta love Google quirks.

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